Update 63

With the latest release being over 14 days ago and not many reported issues I have started implemented some minor tasks.

The first thing implemented was actually a bug, since a lot of AI airlines created routes but they never started them. This has been fixed and I have also tweaked the AI so it creates more routes.

Of another minor bugs we have looked at was a bug when doing route scheduling, where it was possible for an airliner to have overlapping routes.

I have also reimplemented different game speeds but I am not sure that the different speed “levels” are 100% correct. This can of course be changed later no.

As I wrote last time we have implemented a form of airport notification. This has been tested and further developed on, and we have also added it for manufacturers as well. This means that you don’t have to receive notification from all manufacturers.

The last thing I have optimized is the maps, so now we are able to zoom on the maps as well as get the routes shown on the map.



Update 62

After over two months of silence on the blog I have decided to start up using it again. Since the last update we got a new release, and so far we haven’t recieved a lot of issues, so we are looking into fixing those reported.

One of the main issues we are looking into for now, is the performance on start up, where the game is taking a long time to create if using some of the major airlines with a lot of start data. The issue is related to doing a lot of the same calculations for all possible destinations. This has been optimized by instead of doing the calculations over and over again, then the result will be stored for a small amount of time, so the result can be reused.

The exact location of the performance issues was found by using a performance profiler wjile running the game from the development environment. I will use some more time over the next couple of week by analyzing the code.

I have also started working a filter for airport notifications, so it is now possible to subscribe to the airports you want to get notifications from instead of always getting notifications for all airports.

The last thing I have focused on is the reimplementation of selecting from which countries we want to use all airports at start up


Update 61

As I expected the last week or so has been used on trying to implement a better way of scheduling routes. I have focused a lot on the way it was done in the earlier versions, and it seems to be working ok.


I still need to do some optimizations before it is fully done, but I hope to get the time for that this week. I also think I will implement the old feature where it is possible to select the number of daily flights, and then add the entries like that.

As soon as the route scheduler is fully implemented I will release the next version. I already know now that one of the focuses for the next release will be stop over flights, since it is one of few things, as far as I know, that we are still missing from the earlier versions. This is a complex thing to implement, so I need a little thinking before implementing it.

Update 60

The focus the last couple of weeks have been on a lot of minor improvements and updates. Some of the updates has been implemented based on the survey we launched on the forum. It is now possible when starting a new game, to specify if you want to play with passenger only, cargo only or all kinds of airlines.

Another thing implemented is the cargo demand. In the previous pre alphas the only airports with cargo demand were the ones specified in the major destination files. Now I have changed it so almost all airports have some cargo demand. You still need to have a cargo terminal to use the airport as a cargo destination.

For the airports which haven’t been built at start of a game, I have fixed so they are shown correct on the airports overview, and also fixed so they wouldn’t appear until the actually built date.

The last thing I have started on, and which I hope to finish this week, is the new route planner. I will implement it like we had in the original game. And as soon as that is done I will release the new version.

Update 59

After two and a half weeks vacation in New York and Las Vegas I am soon back home again, Wednesday, so I will be active on the forum again.

Even that it is vacation time I have managed to do some stuff on the game.

First of all I have looked at the route schedule control, and I have changed so it is now actually possible to save the schedule. I have not changed the behaviour of the control, since I really can’t figure out a good way of using it, so if somebody has some input please let me know. While I looked at saving of the schedule, I also fixed so it is possible to create the schedule for a future planned route.

The second thing I have looked at is reintroducing subsidiaries, so it is now possible both to create a new subsidiary and take over an opponent airline and use that one as a subsidiary airline.


Update 58

This is not going to be a huge update, since not a lot of progress has been made on the game the past week. This is mostly because we released the new version, so I have used the time with fixing some of the reported bugs and issues.

One of the fixed bugs was a bug which happened in some cases a the end of a month, where the game time just stopped.

The other major fixed issues was an issue where even that the user had a service center, it wouldn’t recognize it, so the user couldn’t use the airport as a home base.

Both issues were related to more than one airline having the same IATA code, which is correct, but the game couldn’t always handle it.

From Sunday to mid next week I will not be online much, like almost never, since I am taking a vacation trip with the family.

Update 57

After a week with a little more focus on the game than the past weeks, but where I also got the time to go to a Guns n’ Roses concert, it is now time for this week’ update.

This week I have focused on implementing automatic reallocation if one airport closes and another one opens in the same area. So now the slots, facilities and routes for an airline will be updated/moved to the newly opened airport if needed.

I have also focused on fixing the auto-update of ticket prices and fees, which is done each year because of inflation. As an user noticed then discounts were updated as well, which doesn’t make a lot of sense since it is in percentage. Also instead of tickets and fees being automatically updated the user can now choose if it should be updated or not.


The last thing I have focused on is the first implementation of airline shares. At the moment it is only possible to buy and sell shares, but when I get to implement subsidiaries in the game, I will also update the shares page, so you can buy an opponent as a subsidiary


Since it is summer it is also soon time for a vacation, and I will be away by the end of next week and 2½ weeks forward. I will be online most of the time.