Update 68

First of all happy new year to everybody out there. It has been an year where we finally managed to release the first prealphas of version 2, and also moving towards a stable version. I hope to be able to continue the work in 2018.

Since the last blog update we have released a new version and also a couple of patches for that version. The patches are primarily focusing on bug fixes. I am still planning on another patch before new year, since we still have a couple of issues.

The main issues we are still fixing are some issues when creating a route plan, economics and performance on start of new game. The last one should be optimized but it still needs some testing and the first one still needs to be looked at.

We have also looked at many of the airline logos and changed around 50 of them to a better quality.

When the next patch has been released I hope that we are able to look at the next release, and currently the roadmap looks like this:

  • Seasons + seasonal scheduling
  • Optimizing of demand
  • Economics which are not working 100%
  • Scenarios

Later we also have planned the following features: Research and Technologies, Charter Flights, Random events, Marketing and Operating flights.

Besides those planned things we have recieved a lot of inputs which of course also will be implemented when it makes sense.


Update 67

This week I have finished loading and saving, and we are currently testing it, so if everything goes as planned the next release will be out early next week.

While doing the testing I have fixed the cargo airliner on a passenger route mentioned last week. I have also found some further bugs which caused the game to crash when a new year started. One of the bugs was that the game couldn’t calculate taxes for some specific countries. Another one was that the id for an airliner was the tailnumber, and in some cases the tailnumber ended up being used on two different airliners. These bugs have also been fixed.

For the airline information view I have done a little rearrangement, so the airline destinations have been moved to the airline routes view.