Update 59

After two and a half weeks vacation in New York and Las Vegas I am soon back home again, Wednesday, so I will be active on the forum again.

Even that it is vacation time I have managed to do some stuff on the game.

First of all I have looked at the route schedule control, and I have changed so it is now actually possible to save the schedule. I have not changed the behaviour of the control, since I really can’t figure out a good way of using it, so if somebody has some input please let me know. While I looked at saving of the schedule, I also fixed so it is possible to create the schedule for a future planned route.

The second thing I have looked at is reintroducing subsidiaries, so it is now possible both to create a new subsidiary and take over an opponent airline and use that one as a subsidiary airline.


Update 58

This is not going to be a huge update, since not a lot of progress has been made on the game the past week. This is mostly because we released the new version, so I have used the time with fixing some of the reported bugs and issues.

One of the fixed bugs was a bug which happened in some cases a the end of a month, where the game time just stopped.

The other major fixed issues was an issue where even that the user had a service center, it wouldn’t recognize it, so the user couldn’t use the airport as a home base.

Both issues were related to more than one airline having the same IATA code, which is correct, but the game couldn’t always handle it.

From Sunday to mid next week I will not be online much, like almost never, since I am taking a vacation trip with the family.