Update 23


This is a very small update since I have spend most of the week being sick, so the progress on the game has been very slow.

I have only managed to implement some optimizations, which should make the game run a little faster. This has so far been implemented for day turn usages.

Other than that I haven’t been able to do anything, so sorry for that. This also means that the release of the latest version will be pushed a week forward, so I hope to have it out some time next week.

Next week

Hopefully I will be able to prepare the release this weekend, so I hope a lot of focus will be used on that. Mainly I will look at the inputs from the forum, since I have used time on the forum the last week

Update 22


The main thing I have looked at this week is our new website, which can be found here. The site still needs a lot of work to be done, but I hope to be able to do that over time. At the moment the site is not containing the forum or blog, but I hope that I will be able to implement it in the forum.

For the game I haven’t done much work on the game and I have “only” implemented some further information on the manufacturers, so it is now also possible to see, which airliners they have in development. This can be used to make more planning of your fleet.


Next week

I am planning on doing the next release some time next week, so I hope I will get some time to prepare the release and also look at some optimizations before the release. The version will be released on the new website, and I will also announce it in the forum

Update 21


This week I have mainly focused on adding some new features to already existing functionalities since it looked like all bugs except one were fixed. The one fixed was an issue with quick assignment of routes to airliners.

I have added a minor thing so it is now possible to also set runway closures, as well as runway name changes, in the xml-files. This is done mostly for historic accuracy.

For the leasing of airliners I have changed, so you now have to set a lease period (in years) for how long you want to lease the airliners. This means if you try to remove the airliner before the end of the lease period, you will have to pay a huge penalty. It is also possible to renew the contract after leasing period is over to a better price than before. This is a feature I might need to extend even further later on.

One of our users has once again provided me with an update for the airports, where stuff like coordinates, runways and terminals are updated. These data I have updated in the airport files for the next release.


I have finally bought our new domain name but at the moment there aren’t any content on the site.

Next week

I know that I wrote in the first lines that it looked like all bugs were fixed, but I recieved some new ones lately, so I will try to focus on them.

Since we also got the new domain name, I will also use some time trying to create the website, but I am not that good at it, so I hope I am able to make it.

Update 20


Finally the spring has arrived here in Denmark, so I am enjoying the warmer temperatures. This week has been very busy regarding work related stuff, and even that we have a couple of national holidays here, I haven’t managed much work on the game. Actually I have only been able to finish three different tasks.

One of the tasks was a bug reported long time ago, which I haven’t been able to reproduce myself. The bug was when playing with minutes as turn interval, and the game just stopped after a couple of minutes of playing. After the help from an user, (I hope) I have managed to fix it.

The two last tasks I have implemented is some new features/optimizations. The first one is the way you edit an airliner class, where I have removed it from the airliner information page and instead placed it on its own pop up box.


The second is a new feature where you are now able to loan money for purchasing an airliner directly on the different airliner purchase pages.


Next week

I hope the weather continues 🙂 And then I also hope I will be able to create the new website as well as some further optimizations. I still have some reported bugs, which I hope to be able to recreate, since it is hard to fix something I can’t see for myself