Update 66

This week I have only worked on one thing this week, and that is loading/saving of games. As written last week I finished the first take on saving of games, and now I have also finished loading of a saved game again. It has been done in many iterations since I need to make sure, that everything is loaded in the correct order. So far I have tested on a game with 5 opponents, but I will have to do some more testing to ensure that everything are ok.


One of the things still missing from this, is that at the moment it is not possible to name to saved game, so you can only have one saved game. Another thing still not implemented is loading of the game from inside of a game, since currently it can only be loaded from the main menu. This is of course things I will look at later, but the highest priority is to make sure that it is stable.

In the old versions it took very long time to save a game, and the file also ended up over 100 MB. This doesn’t look like the case for this version, since the test saved game took around 15 seconds and uses 3 MB.

While doing the loading and saving I noticed a huge bug where it is possible for the AI to add a cargo airliner to a passenger route, which causes the game to crash. At first I thought it was because of something I did in the loading, but it has turned out to be a general issue, which also needs to be fixed before next release.

And speaking of next release then I am planning on releasing it at around the beginning of December when the mentioned issues have been fixed.


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