Update 57

After a week with a little more focus on the game than the past weeks, but where I also got the time to go to a Guns n’ Roses concert, it is now time for this week’ update.

This week I have focused on implementing automatic reallocation if one airport closes and another one opens in the same area. So now the slots, facilities and routes for an airline will be updated/moved to the newly opened airport if needed.

I have also focused on fixing the auto-update of ticket prices and fees, which is done each year because of inflation. As an user noticed then discounts were updated as well, which doesn’t make a lot of sense since it is in percentage. Also instead of tickets and fees being automatically updated the user can now choose if it should be updated or not.


The last thing I have focused on is the first implementation of airline shares. At the moment it is only possible to buy and sell shares, but when I get to implement subsidiaries in the game, I will also update the shares page, so you can buy an opponent as a subsidiary


Since it is summer it is also soon time for a vacation, and I will be away by the end of next week and 2½ weeks forward. I will be online most of the time.


Update 56

Last week we managed to release the new version, and so far not many bugs have been reported. That is either because the version is alsmost stable or that no people are playing it 🙂

The only bug reported so far is the airport map, which isn’t showable, and I hope to be able to fix it, even that I can’t figure out what is going wrong.

One of the things people have asked for to be reimplemented is the possibility of building terminals in an airport, so that has been implemented now


Thanks to an user input we also have a lot of new airport logos, which are both downloadable from the forum, and will be included in the next release of the game.

Until my vacation which starts in 14 days I might not be that active in the forum or being able to do a lot of coding, since I have a lot of work related things I need to finish before the vacation.


Update 55

Not much have been done this past week because of a huge workload on my regular job. So the things I have been looking at might be categorized as minor, but I still feel it adds some value to the game.

The first thing is fixing of a bug where a lot of users complained that they couldn’t start flights for a route. For a long time I couldn’t recreate it, but because of input from an user, I managed to find it and fix it.

I have also reimplemented so an airline can have different names and logos over its lifetime. An airline like Air 2000 switched name to First Choice Airways, and a lot of major airlines like Delta, American Airlines etc. have had a number of different logos.

I have also started on some minor updates for the AI, since it doesn’t work 100% as planned. But that might be an ongoing process, since it will always need some tweaking

Lately there have been huge activity in the forum, which is great but I am sorry if I can’t answer everything quickly enough. But I will great to implement as much as possible of the inputs. Also, next week I plan on releasing the next version, so please stay tuned for that 🙂

Update 54

In the last week I have finished the task for leasing companies, which I wrote about last week. I have also fixed a few issues and reimplemented some old stuff from the first versions of the game.

First we had an issue with the tailnumbers, where airliners could have the same number. This was caused not by the code, which was working as planned, but by the data in the database, where a lot of countries had the same tailnumber format. This has been fixed now, but there might still be one or two countries having the wrong tailnumbers, so please let me know if you find something.

The reimplementations are really only cosmetic, but I still think it should be included.

The first one is images for a lot of the airliners in the game.


The second one is a map showing one or more airports. Here I still need to implement it map for routes, but that will be next.


Update 53

In the last week I have focused on adding leasing companies, which was something I forgot in the first place. That meant that the link for Lease Aircraft didn’t do anything.


As you might notice I have tried to add real leasing companies with their specific fleets. These data of course needs to be improved over time, but for now it is working.

I am still not 100% finished with the task, so I guess I will be using the next couple of days doing that. One of the things I have done, is so it is no longer possible to lease aircrafts from the same page as where you buy used aircrafts since it is only possible through a leasing company.

One of the things I still need to improve is the route planner, since it seems like it is working as planned. I still hope that I will be able to do that before next release, but that depends on how soon I can finish the leasing companies.