Update 65

This week I got time to focus more time on the game than the previous couple of months. This means that I have managed to implement a lot of minor stuff.

I have done some more updates for the cargo, so for now I think this is finished. I have also changed a few things on the manufacturer page, so the airliners are now grouped by their types.

On the airports page I have added an advanced search functionality, so it is possible to select an airliner and an airport and then search for every airports in range of those selections.


Since we are also looking into some further implementations for airports and demand, I have added open border agreeement. At the moment they have no functionality, but it will be used for later.


The last thing I have been working on is a rather large task. I have started on implementing saving of games. So far it is possible to save a game, but it is not possible to load it again. That will of course be a task for next week 🙂 So far it looks like the saving will be a lot faster than the previous releases (before TAPv2), and I should be more in control, so it should also be more stable


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