Update 71

Two weeks have past since the latest blog update, which is primarily due to my computer being broke the most of last week. But now it is up and running again, so this week have been spend on the game.

I have finished the first test version of the new version with the updated demand model and we have tested the version internally. Those tests showed some things which needs to be updated/changed/fixed, which I am currently working on. After those things have been fixed we still have some data collecting to do before we are ready with the next release.

One of the things which had been an issue from a coding point of view was the graphs and the way those were calculated. The code was very “heavy” and hard to maintain, so I have replaced the graphs with another framework, which is easier to work with.


For the AI we have started optimizing it so the AI airliness becomes more competitive, but that is an ongoing task which will not be finished in the upcoming release.

The last thing for this week is that we have decided to change the naming of the versions from prealpha to alpha, since we feel that the game is becoming more and more stable, and we think that we have fixed all the reported bugs.

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