Update 79

Since last blog update we have used a lot of time testing the newest version, and we have also done the actually release of the version.

I still very much like our new file handling site on itch.io, since it gives me a lot of insight in some stats for downloads etc.

So far it looks like there are not a lot of bugs and issues, since I have only seen a couple reported. I will look into the few reported issues later this week, so hopefully I will be able to start on the new version some time next week.

The first focus for the next release will be on cargo, since it seems like it isn’t working as planned. This is both for the demand part and the scheduling of cargo routes. After that I will focus on some of the user requests and later on I will look into optimizing the AI.

Lastly I am sorry that I haven’t been active in the forum the last couple of days, but I hope that will change soon


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