Update 76

A lot have happened since the last blog update. We have released two more fix packs, so we now consider version 11 to be as stable as possible. This means that we now have started developing version 12.

For now the focus is on implementing a lot of the requested features from the users, starting with the smaller ones. All the changes can be seen in the ongoing changelog in the forum: http://theairlineproject.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=1308

A couple of the new features are the possibility of asking an airport to upgrade its custom to international


And also the feature of assigning an aircraft directly when creating a new route



Lastly we have started using https://pjank42.itch.io/theairlineproject to manage the downloading of the game. This is done both because it is possible to get more statistics on the file downloads and also to be able to reach a broader audience. The forum will be still be the main source for information regarding the game.


Update 75

In the past couple of weeks we have managed to release the latest version (version 11) as well as releasing a fix pack for the release.

The version has changed a lot to the existing demand model, which means that some part of the game still needs to be tweaked in order to get everything to work as planned. This is a work which will be focused on in the next release(s) where we will also optimize the newly created schedulers.

On the bug side it seems like the fix pack has fixed almost all bugs, but we will wait with the creation of the new version for the next week, until we are sure that the current version is stable.

The roadmap for version 12 looks at the moment like this:

  • Research and Technologies
  • Charter Flights
  • Operating flights
  • Optimized AI (was also a part of version 11)
  • Stopover Flights
  • Countries before 1950
  • Codesharing

Beside those things we will also try to implement as many as possible of the requested features.