Update 19


For the version released last week we already have around 300 downloads, and the version looks very stable. There have been some issues with flight restrictions which should have been fixed now.

It also seems like the human airline had the possibility of assigning a cargo airliner to a passenger route and the other way around. This caused the game to crash, so it has also been fixed.

The last issue I have fixed this week is that in some cases the AI where able to use an airliner on a route which it didn’t had the range to. It was not a game crashing bug but still something which needed to be fixed.

I have also looked at some optimizations where I have changed the way routes and fleet airliners are stored ingame. This will hopefully optimize the performance in the next version.

As I wrote last week our Kickstarter campaign is now over, so I have started implementing the different “reward” for the backers. This means that we got a new fictional airline, some employees named after the backers and an updated credits page.


Next week

For the next week I am planning on doing some more performance optimizations. I will first look into the creating of a new game, since it can take way too much time. After that I will also implement some more of the requested features.

Update 18


This week I have done a lot of work preparing for the release, which will be out later this week.

Some of the main things I have fixed is the amount of taxes pay.

On the financial summary we have an estimated tax payment for the given year.


When the year ended the airline ended up only paying a minor percent of the shown amount. This is due to the fact that I managed to remove all invoices from the first month when we got to the beginning of a new year which is also the time where the taxes should be paid.

I have fixed that and I also noticed that the invoices were saved one per type per day instead of per month, so I have also optimized that. This means that we aren’t saving a huge amount of data either in memory or when saving a game.

The last thing we have done for the upcoming release is updating a whole lot of airport data. This update is provided by one of our great users.

Our Kickstarter campaign is also over now, so now I can actually soon start creating the new website.

Next week

With the release being out this weekend the next week will most likely being used fixing a few bugs.


Update 17


By the end of last week I tried to play to game for a longer period. Here I noticed a couple of huge bugs where some airlines tried to outleased an airliner to itself which of course made the game crash. The other bug were where an airline purchased the same airliner twice. This was only for the airliners the airline got on start up, and was because we run the creation as a number of threads. Each for one creation, so sometimes we ran in to the issue that two threads for the same airline ordered the same free airliner at exactly the same time. These two bugs took a lot of time to identify and fix, but I am glad that I used the time for it.

The last bug fixed was a very stupid bug from my side. On the route planner site where we have the grey area for turn around time (I have also added so you see the actual minutes), it was possible to try to delete the turn around time. It didn’t make much sense and it also made the game crash.

Last week

I see that I have recieved a lot of optimizations and I am looking at them right now and I most likely will use next week for that.

I am also planning to release version 0.50 by the end of next week. I know it has only been three weeks since last release, but I fell that I have fixed so many bugs that it would be a good idea. Also since we reached over 1000 downloads for the current version

Update 16


Since the release of version 049 last week we have had over 600 downloads. From the number of error reports I have recieved it looks like this version is more stable than the previous ones, so it have mostly been minor bugs I have fixed.

One of the major bugs I so far have fixed is a one where we where missing the timezone for a lot of airports in Asia. This made the game crash when trying to access one of those airports.

My focus is still to get rid of all the issues before moving on to implement new features, so the only new features added for now will be very minor like adding the possibility of selecting opponent type when selecting random opponents


Regarding the new website we are still waiting for the campaign to end, but I have selected on where to get it hosted, so hopefully we will have something very soon

Next week

Hopefully next week will be used finishing the minor bug fixing so I can start focus on new things. The things I will start with is the different tweaks and improvements suggested by our users