Update 29


Once again I have to say that it seems like the task with fleet pooling will takes longer time than expected. I though I got it to work, but in some cases when assigning the same airliner to two routes the game crashes and I can’t figure out why. Therefore I only work with the possibility of having an airliner assigned to one route, and after getting that to work I will look at fixing that issues.

I have also still a lot of cleaning up to do, so all screens and codeparts uses the new functionality.


When doing the update I have also changed the way the icons for the different options on a route can be performed, so it is now one settings button you will use and that button opens the different options.


Next Week

I have started on the count down to my vacation which will start in exactly 2 weeks. The vacation is 5 days in New York and 12 days in Nevada/California, so I look forward to that. Those days will also give me some much needed time for the game.