Update 81

This past week has mainly been used on minor ajustments both in the code and on the GUI side.

A lot of the ajustments have been made on the cargo part of the game, so now the cargo capacities for airliners have been updated and more airports starts out with cargo terminals and facilities.

One of the new things I have implemented is the use of airliner history, so it is now possible to see which companies have owned a specific airliner. This was a requested feature and a feature we had in version 1 of the game.

For the scheduler I have implemented a feature which asks you to schedule a route for future seasons if you don’t have enough slots for the current season. This is mainly for coordinated airports, where you have to reserve a slot.

I still think the focus of this version will be implementing a lot of the requested feature and optimizing the existing ones. So don’t expect any major (larger) new features.

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