Update 33

I have been reading a lot of stuff regarding the airport slots, and so far I have focused on that we have 3 different airport slot levels. Each level has its own way of handling airport slots. Level 1 looks to me like it is where the airlines “just” give adequate notice that they want to do operations at the airport. Level 3 is the highest level where the planning of slots in peak hours is done from season to season and that you have to apply for getting a slot before the planning. Level 2 is where you still apply for a slot but the planning isn’t done from season to season.

These things are the ones I am trying to implement in the first place and then I need to look at if more functionalities are needed.

Slots handling for Level 3 or Coordinated Airport looks like


While the slots handling for Level 1 is very simple at the moment


For level 3 I still need to implement seasons and different days where for Level 1 I also need to look at the day aspect.

I would expect me to do a lot more work on this the next week before moving on the creation of routes.

Update 32

After last week being spend on the hospital with the kid, there was no blog update last week. With the kid being ok again, I have managed to do some further work on the game.

I have changed a little on the side menu, so it now includes the submenus, if ones, for a menu. I expect that the side menu still will need some tweaking, but for now it is as it should be.


The major thing I am currently working on is implementing landing slots instead of renting gates. This is still an area I am not 100% sure on how to get to work, but I am trying to read some different “guides” for it.

I have done some of the GUI parts of it, so at least that part is starting to get into place.


I expect that this will be worked on for the next week or so, and then I hope that I have a more finished product in the next blog

Update 31

This past week I have used the time on added more elements to the datamodel of the project. I have tried to reuse the things which made sense, but without the complexity, since there are no need to copy the bad code pieces. This will also mean that some of the functionalities which have been implemented in the old version wouldn’t be in the new one. Mainly because the functionality didn’t made anything to the game or that it wasn’t fully implemented.

I have also worked some more on the GUI part, where I am currently looking at the content for airports. The current mockup looks like the example below.


The GUI is much for flexible since all the elements are components on its own. This means that if the weather components needs to be on another page, then I can just add it to that page. This also makes the code more smooth and easier to read, meaning easier to change.

I am also trying to implement the GUI, so it is possible to select between different color schemes tapv2_airportspage