Update 26


As I wrote earlier I have started on airliner fleet pools. This might be a little strange, since the game isn’t stable. But I have looked at the code, and I see that a lot of the issues we have is actually with the old way of doing flights, so I need to change it. I could change it with the existing way of doing things, but I am not sure that would be the best way to total fix it.

The work with the pools are much more complexed than I thought so I have also done some minor things to be able to get my head cleared. I have implemented so a country can be specified as poor, and if it is that then airlines from that country will also buy older airliners. On the airline level I have added three different wealth amounts, low, medium, high, which specifies the amount of money the airline will start with. So far it has only been added to a couple of airlines but the functionality is there.

One of our contributors keeps sending new airports and airlines, so please check the devlog for all the newest in that area:  changelog

I have also tried to look at setting up the forum on the new site, but it would do what I expects it to do, so I don’t know when it will be done.

Next week

I hope to be able to do some more work on the pool functionality and so far I guess we need to get past the summer vacation before the next release, since I don’t have that much of time in the next period of time.

Update 25


As I wrote last week I have started on implementing fleet pools. It will most likely take a couple of weeks before I have something useable, since it is a main part of the game, and I need to make sure that I change everything.

So far I have added so you can add an airliner to a pool, and also so you can specify the timetable on a route. The last thing is at the moment very simple, and might need to be changed over time.

I have also looked at one of the existing issues where an airport kept getting its airport extended with a lot of new gates.

Next week

Most of the time will be used on the fleet pool functionality but I will also look at the issues reported in the forum, and try to fix them.

For the forum I am still looking into moving it the new website. I just need the time for it

Update 24


Some how I forgot to create a blog last week, but this week I have remembered it 🙂

In the two weeks since the last update I have used a lot of time being sick (nothing seriously) and also released the latest version. The latest version have been released both on our new website and on google drive, since for some unknown reasons, not everybody were able to download it from the site.

For the latest version I have fixed a couple of issues when selecting use of only major/intl airports, where you ended up with all airports.

I have also fixed the issue where you recieve a message that the leasing period for an airliner is about to expire, but there are still a lot of years left.

On the data side we have added both some new airlines and airports, and we have also updated a lot of the airport data.

Next week

I have started on a new way of doing the scheduling. Instead of setting the timetable to a specific airliner, you set it to a route and then you assign a number of airliners (a pool) to that route. Then the game will decide which airliner to use for the specific flight based on if an airliner is in maintenance or delayed from another flight.

This also means that pilots will be assigned to the pool instead of to the specific airliners.

Please let me know if this doesn’t make any sense