Update 82

I know it has been a long period since the last update, but we have been very busy with our works and exams. I hope we will soon be back to more regular updates, since we are soon starting our vacactions where there should be some time for the game.

In the past month we have managed some minor things in between the work related stuff.

We have fixed the issue where it was possible to add airliners to routes longer than the range of the airliner and also fixed some issues with starting the game in some countries.

The new features we have added for seasons is that the next season start and deadline is shown when hovering the game date. We have also added so it is possible to get notifications on season start and deadline.

We have also implemented so it is possible to set an airport to your hub, which gives some minor benefits and also added different turnaround times for the different routes.

Lastly we have implemented the use of flight schools where it is possible to educate pilot students.

On the data side we have added a number of images and new airlines as well as adding some new leasing companies, which are leasing some of the minor aircrafts.


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