Update 78

The past week hasn’t been that productive for the game, since I have had a lot to do at work. This means that the planned finished of the task for via routes hasn’t been done, and I hope that it will be done by the end of next week.

I have so far implemented most of the backend parts, so now it is just a matter of getting the GUI parts implemented, which is also why I don’t have any screens to show.

For the data it is very nice to see that the community are contributing with a lot of new data, so now we have a lot of new airliner logos, airport logos and airlines 🙂

Update 77

As written last blog update we are focusing on implementing features requested by the users. This means that we are currently implementing a lot of tasks which might be considered minor, but as long as it brings value to the game it is great.

One of the areas where we have started to add new features is on the aircrafts, where an aircraft now has a condition level which is influenced by the distance the aircraft flies. If the condition is below a certain level, the aircraft will not be allowed to fly, which is why we have also implemented the possibility of doing maintenance on the aircraft.

Another thing implemented is to being able to assign an aircraft direcly when creating a new route and also a button on the routes page where it is possible to quick assign an aircraft to the route.

And speaking on buttons we have also added tooltips for some of the buttons, since it was a little confusing what the different buttons were used for.


As you might have noticed on the screen it is now also possible to convert a passenger aircraft to a cargo aircraft.

For ordering of aircrafts we have also implemented so all aircrafts aren’t delivered on the same day, and it is also possible to specify on which day the delivery should start


And we have reimplemented the possibility of selecting to pay on delivery and also a discount if ordering multiple aircrafts at once

The only major thing we have planned for this version is the use of through/via flights which will take a little while to implement. As soon as that has finished I am planning the next release. Before the release I will need a few testers to test the new features for stability and usability, but that will be announced in the forum when the time comes.