Update 62

After over two months of silence on the blog I have decided to start up using it again. Since the last update we got a new release, and so far we haven’t recieved a lot of issues, so we are looking into fixing those reported.

One of the main issues we are looking into for now, is the performance on start up, where the game is taking a long time to create if using some of the major airlines with a lot of start data. The issue is related to doing a lot of the same calculations for all possible destinations. This has been optimized by instead of doing the calculations over and over again, then the result will be stored for a small amount of time, so the result can be reused.

The exact location of the performance issues was found by using a performance profiler wjile running the game from the development environment. I will use some more time over the next couple of week by analyzing the code.

I have also started working a filter for airport notifications, so it is now possible to subscribe to the airports you want to get notifications from instead of always getting notifications for all airports.

The last thing I have focused on is the reimplementation of selecting from which countries we want to use all airports at start up