Update 28


As I wrote in the latest blog the progress here in the vacation period aren’t much to report on, but hopefully now that we are ending July I will get some more time for the game.

I am still battling with the fleet pooling system but it begins to look like something. At the moment I am working on some of the GUI parts of the functionality. The whole part of getting a plane to fly with the new method seems to be working for most pats, but again I need to do some deeper testing.

We have once again switched forum (http://theairlineproject.net/forum/), so now it is a part of our web site. This means that I am in control of it, and also the one who can fix the issues.

The data update is also having progress and we are still adding new airlines and airports, as well as updating the existing data.

Next week

Since I have a little vacation from work I will hopefully get to work some more on the GUI part of fleet pooling.

Update 27


It is summer vacation time here in Denmark, so the progress on the game has slowed down a little, since I uses a lot of time together with the family. I have been told that they are the highest priority 🙂 This also means  that I will only update the blog every second week in July.

On the game I have now finished the fleet pooling for the human airline, so it is now possible to, add airliners to a route pool, create the route schedule on the route and changed a lot of the GUI stuff around this.


It still takes very long time, since I need to test every little change I make, to make sure that I haven’t broken anything. This is because it is one of the core funcionalities in the code, but I hope it will remove some of the old bugs related to the flights/timetables.

On the data side we have add +10 new airlines and around 5 new airports. It is mainly from Africa. So now we have a total of 4217 airports, 1234 airlines in the game and 601 aircrafts.

Next week

Next week I will focus on the AI part of the fleet pooling, and then I need to clean up a lot of the old code.

I still expect to have the next release ready before the mid of august.