Update 49

After a couple of days in London and some reviews from some of the users, I think I have managed to do a lot of work on the game. Both GUI, functionality and issues.

Of issues I have fixed so the page for edit a route is actually working and that it is possible to see all elements and change the needed ones.

On the GUI I recieved a lot of input from an user, where I have focused on the look and feel of the mail pages, which I would have to agree looked a little “boring”.

I have tried to give it a more pro look like we know it from “real” mails.


I have also planned some more changes to the existing pages before adding a lot of new functionalities

Even that I haven’t planned on a lot of new functionalities I have implemented one which is the possibility of planning routes. This means that if you reserve slots in a level 3 airport, then you are able to plan a route to/from that airport. When the season then starts it will check if you got enough gates for the route and then either place it in status confirmed or in status canceled.

While I was changing some of the things on the create route page I also reimplemented auto pricing, so it will auto calculate a suggested price for the route


Update 48

I have finally released a new pre alpha version which can be found in the forum. So far I haven’t recieved a lot of feedback for the last couple of pre alphas so I am not sure how many people are actually testing it. But then I would just have to do the testing myself 🙂

I am not 100% happy with the way slots turned out but as I wrote last blog update, then this is what we have for now. Of course I might do some further improvement before the final release, but I don’t expect huge changes in that area.

The last couple of days I have fixed some minor bug fixes and also recreated the use for service centers as homebases. For the changes I keep updating the change log

One of the major things still missing is the airport demand where I am still looking in to a new way of doing it. Long time ago we tried using a system where a city has the demand and then that is divided on all the airports in the area of that city, where the airports closed to the city will get the most demand. So if you have any inputs for this please let me know.

I am very annoyed with the amount of spammers, which I can’t figure out how to stop, so I hope to get them delete as soon as they post sometime.

Update 47

My main focus the last couple of weeks has been on the slots handling. I have not implemented it as I had hoped/thought in the beginning, but I am concerned that I would make it too complex and not workable from a game perspective.

So what I have done for now, and then I need to figure out, if I will change it later on, is still to implement differently for the three different slot types/levels.

  • Level 1 (Non-Coordinated Airport): If the airport has free slots then airlines are allowed to rent slots
  • Level 2 (Schedules Facilitated Airport): The airport decides if an airline is allowed to rent slots
  • Level 3 (Coordinated Airport): The allocation of slots are handled from season to season, so routes for those needs to be planned for a longer period in advance

A slot is a slot per day and not for a specific time slot.

To make it work correctly I have added the current levels for the correct airports.

To be able to see when the specific deadlines and seasons are I have implemented a calendar. The calendar will later contain more dates, maybe like holidays, but for now it is for the slot handling dates.


Update 46

Since the last update I have released a new version of the pre alphas which contained a few bugs and fixes which I have now fixed and implemented.

As I see it the game is missing three major features before being able to get to the next stage. Those three features are:

  • Loading and saving of games
  • Handling of airport slots
  • AI for the CPU airlines

The things I am currently looking into is the AI, where I have so far implemented that the CPU airline will add new destinations and create new routes. This is only done if the airline has free airliners, so the next task for me to look at is how an airline will purchase new airliners.

I have also added so it is no longer only airlines which starts with K which can be played with, and also readded state flags.

I know that I wrote before that I would look at rental of airport slots, but since it is very complex (at least to me)  I have moved it back in the priority.