Update 61

As I expected the last week or so has been used on trying to implement a better way of scheduling routes. I have focused a lot on the way it was done in the earlier versions, and it seems to be working ok.


I still need to do some optimizations before it is fully done, but I hope to get the time for that this week. I also think I will implement the old feature where it is possible to select the number of daily flights, and then add the entries like that.

As soon as the route scheduler is fully implemented I will release the next version. I already know now that one of the focuses for the next release will be stop over flights, since it is one of few things, as far as I know, that we are still missing from the earlier versions. This is a complex thing to implement, so I need a little thinking before implementing it.

Update 60

The focus the last couple of weeks have been on a lot of minor improvements and updates. Some of the updates has been implemented based on the survey we launched on the forum. It is now possible when starting a new game, to specify if you want to play with passenger only, cargo only or all kinds of airlines.

Another thing implemented is the cargo demand. In the previous pre alphas the only airports with cargo demand were the ones specified in the major destination files. Now I have changed it so almost all airports have some cargo demand. You still need to have a cargo terminal to use the airport as a cargo destination.

For the airports which haven’t been built at start of a game, I have fixed so they are shown correct on the airports overview, and also fixed so they wouldn’t appear until the actually built date.

The last thing I have started on, and which I hope to finish this week, is the new route planner. I will implement it like we had in the original game. And as soon as that is done I will release the new version.