Update 15


I have used the previous week preparing the next version, which I think will be ready tomorrow or Saturday. The main focus for the release have been to fix a lot of bugs and adding improvement of the existing features. So not many new features. I hope the release will be more playable than the previous ones.

The biggest issue I have right now, is that I can’t get access for our FTP-site, so I will most likely use our site on Sourceforge, but I will link to the correct site in the forum when releasing the version.

Last week I mentioned that we have started a Kickstarter campaign and we have actually reached our goal. I have started looking for a place to host the site as well as a new domain name.

The campaign will run until the mid of April, so it is still possible to back us up 🙂

So please visit our campaign at Kickstarter

Next week

The next week will be used for fixing the bugs which may be reported for the new release, and I am not planning any new features until I am sure, that we have an (almost) stable version.


Update 14


Since it is the Easter holidays here I have managed to fix/update a lot of stuff both minor GUI changes and adding some new features.

Some of the more notable things are that you can now rent gates and upgrade facilities in multiple airports at the same time from the airports page. This means that you don’t have to enter each airports if you need to upgrade the facilities.


I have also added so you are now able to rent gates and upgrade your license directly when creating a route, if it is needed.

The last of the things I will mention here is that I have added, so you can quickly move to the next of your airports, if you are on one of the airports where you have gates. I hope this should reduce the number of mouse clicks needed.


As you may have seen then the forum is very unstable at moment. We have therefore started a kickerstarter campaign, where we so far have reached 2/3 of the goal. This campaign should hopefully give us enough money to start a new website with a new forum where we should be more in control.

So please visit our campaign at Kickstarter

Next week

I hope that we will be able to release the next version by the end of next week, so the upcoming week will be focused on that one.

Update 13


Its been a very short week in terms of what I have done on the game, since I have spend some time on a family trip and been busy at work.

This means that only two things have been fixed/created  in this week. I have managed to fix the issues with strikes, since it turned out that the start wages for some of the employees were higher than the max value, which means that once you had changed it, you could never set it to that level again.

I have also optimized the turn around times, and also added so it is visible on the screen when the turn around time is.



Next week

Since it is Easter holiday next week here in Denmark, I should be able to do some more work on the game. I have seen a lot of inputs for fixes and improvements, but since the forum has been down for the past couple of days, I haven’t decided on which task to start on. The forum should be up and running within this weekend.

I am still also planning on creating a new website, but haven’t decided on that one yet.

Update 12


Since the release of the latest version one week ago we have over 250 downloads so far. I have also released a fix pack, mainly because I released the wrong versions on the forum, so sorry for that one.

Most of the work the last week have been focused on fixing the issue reported, and so far that includes fixing the issue when an airport is closed and another one openes, where the gates, routes etc. should be reallocated to the new airport and also an issue with buying opponents.

I have also done a lot of work trying to get the time tables correct since we had some bugs with both summer/winter timetables and with that sometimes the time table entries appeared twice on the list, which made the game crash.

The only “new” feature I have added is the possibility from the used airliners page to search for a specific aircraft type instead of only being able to filter the list on some few aircraft types.


Next week

This weekend I will not be much home so no work will be made on the game. Next week I hope to have some time to fix the issue with strikes, since it seems like something is wrong.

I am also thinking about creating a Kickstarter campaign, so we can get a new website so we can have more than “just” the foum. But more on that later

Update 11


In the last week I have tried to optimize some of the code as part of the upcoming release.

After an input from one of our users I have looked at the amount of data used for saving invoices so this has been hugely optimized. Both ingame and also when saving a game.

For saving of a game I have also optimized the amount of weather data saved, so all in all the saved games should be smaller now.

One of the more annoying things  I noticed will playing the game, was that some of the pop up windows disappeared if tabbing away from the game. When you returned to the game you couldn’t play it since the pop up window was hidden, but the game expected you to do something on the pop up. This has been fixed now, so the pop up winows is always on top.

I have also fixed so it is acutally possible to loan money when playing in the earlier years.

As I wrote last week I have implemented a quick assign of an airliner to a route on creation of a route. I have now added so you now can select the number of daily departures.

The only new feature for this week that if the employees aren’t satisfied with the wages they will strike. This is a feature which might be extended later on.


Remember that we have a Transfex  project for translating the game into more languages:

Next week

The main focus for the next week is the release of the next version which will be out in the next couple of days. And as usually the first week after a release I will look at the reported bugs and issues