Update 63

With the latest release being over 14 days ago and not many reported issues I have started implemented some minor tasks.

The first thing implemented was actually a bug, since a lot of AI airlines created routes but they never started them. This has been fixed and I have also tweaked the AI so it creates more routes.

Of another minor bugs we have looked at was a bug when doing route scheduling, where it was possible for an airliner to have overlapping routes.

I have also reimplemented different game speeds but I am not sure that the different speed “levels” are 100% correct. This can of course be changed later no.

As I wrote last time we have implemented a form of airport notification. This has been tested and further developed on, and we have also added it for manufacturers as well. This means that you don’t have to receive notification from all manufacturers.

The last thing I have optimized is the maps, so now we are able to zoom on the maps as well as get the routes shown on the map.


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