Update 39

First of all happy holidays to everybody out there!

For the game I have used some more time on the facility page for the airports, since I just noticed I had forgotten it.

As you might notice I have tried to add an icon before the header text, just to get something else to look at than the text, but I am not sure if it looks good enough. So please let me know if you have any inputs for that.


I have also changed the airlines page so it now includes statistics. The colors on the graphs are the colors of the specific airlines, so I will have to think of a way of seeing which airline it is if they have the same color. Again this is just a minor thing, and might be something I will have to wait with.


I have also looked through the pages and there are still some which are missing. Pages like airline finances, mail, calendars, load/saving etc. But for now I will wait with them and start focusing on the actual game engine for simulating a game.

I am still planning on releasing a GUI only version soon, but I first need to be sure of what I do for the different airline/airport graphics.

Update 38

It has been a good week for the game and I think I have managed to implement a lot of different stuff.

Some of it might seem like minor things but I am glad it is out of the way, since it makes the game feeling more “finished”.

The stuff I have worked on are both GUI parts and data parts.

For the data parts I have converted more xmls into the database structure. It still seems like loading the different data files from xml files takes a long time in the old version but it is faster in the new version. I am still thinking about if the airport and airline xmls should be converted as well which I think I will do, but then I need to think of a good way of editing the files quickly.

For the GUI parts I have extended the start menu so it is now possible to set some of the game settings before selecting the prefered airline.


For the airline pages I have now added the airline services page and the employees page.

The services page I am not totally satisfied with so I need to get back to that page later. I think it looks too much like the older versions, but for now I will have to keep it as it is.


The employees is much simpler and besides that the staff names are still very dummy I think it is workable.tapv2_employees


Update 37

My intended plan of doing a lot of complex stuff this past week didn’t go as planned. Instead I focused on finishing the create route page where I somehow had forgotten to add the possibility of selecting prices and facilities.


I have also started implementing the different facilities pages (airline, airport etc.) so more and more pages keep getting finished.

The next big task would have to be non-graphics ones, since I am starting on optimizing the AI logic. This is an area which in the old code was implemented over time with a number of potential issues and bugs.

Of non-game-related issues then we are getting a lot of spammers in the forum, and I try as hard as possible to block them before they get an account created.


Update 36

Since I have been very busy at work these past weeks I have only focused on some of the minor pages.

I have started on the settings page where it is now possible to select the theme (currently 3 different themes) and the assent color. This is a feature in the framework (ModernUI) so I have just used it as it is. In the example I have changed the theme to dark.tapv2_settings

I have also created the screen for selecting which airline to use as the human airline.In the old version it was possible to change a lot of the start information for the selected airline, but I am not sure exactly which ones should be it in the new version. At the moment I think it will just be the CEO name.


For the next week I hope to be able to focus on some of the more complex screens, but if not then I will continue on these minor ones, since they are rather quick to create.

The release date I am still not sure of, but I still hope that I will be able to release a version before the end of the year. The version might only be for showing the GUI (so no actually gameplay), so I can get some feedback