Update 74

This weeks blog update will be very short, since the this past week the focus has mainly been on finalising the route scheduler, so now we are ready for the internal testing of the game. If the testing goes well we are still planning to do the release by the end of next week. While the testing is ongoing we will also try to optimize some of the minor things reported, but it will only be things that we know will not be able to break the game.

We have also looked at the subsidiary feature and tried to change a few things, to get it to work more correctly. One of the things we have implemented is the possibility of transfering airliners not used between the main airline and the subsidiaries.

Update 73

Currently we are working hard to get the game ready for the next release, which is still scheduled for the end of this month.

One of the tasks we are still missing, is the possible of scheduling ahead of time based on the different season, so a route might have one more departure in the summer than in the winter.



We have also started on implementing two of the features which were a part of version 1, since we needed it for our new demand model.

The first one is advertisement where we have create a first take on it with a minimal of options, but it is still working and influences the demand for a route/the airline.


The second one is reputation where the airline is getting a score based on the service levels and prices. This is also the first take and will be implemented further in the later releases.

Update 72

One of the aspects which has been missing from the game is an overview of the statistics for the human routes. This has now been implemented, so it is possible to see some statistics for filling degree, market share and passenger type. It has also been implemented so it is possible to see some flight specific statistics to compare against opponents operating the same route.


On the AI side I have tried to optimize the way the CPU airlines buys its aircrafts and also tried to add a more intelligent way of selecting its destinations. I hope it is noticeable in the next release which is still planned for the end of this month.

As the last part of this weeks blog I can tell that we now has the first piece of ingame music 🙂 Thanks to picoo000 who provided the music for the start menu, so please check that out.