Update 54

In the last week I have finished the task for leasing companies, which I wrote about last week. I have also fixed a few issues and reimplemented some old stuff from the first versions of the game.

First we had an issue with the tailnumbers, where airliners could have the same number. This was caused not by the code, which was working as planned, but by the data in the database, where a lot of countries had the same tailnumber format. This has been fixed now, but there might still be one or two countries having the wrong tailnumbers, so please let me know if you find something.

The reimplementations are really only cosmetic, but I still think it should be included.

The first one is images for a lot of the airliners in the game.


The second one is a map showing one or more airports. Here I still need to implement it map for routes, but that will be next.


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