Update 53

In the last week I have focused on adding leasing companies, which was something I forgot in the first place. That meant that the link for Lease Aircraft didn’t do anything.


As you might notice I have tried to add real leasing companies with their specific fleets. These data of course needs to be improved over time, but for now it is working.

I am still not 100% finished with the task, so I guess I will be using the next couple of days doing that. One of the things I have done, is so it is no longer possible to lease aircrafts from the same page as where you buy used aircrafts since it is only possible through a leasing company.

One of the things I still need to improve is the route planner, since it seems like it is working as planned. I still hope that I will be able to do that before next release, but that depends on how soon I can finish the leasing companies.


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