Update 47

My main focus the last couple of weeks has been on the slots handling. I have not implemented it as I had hoped/thought in the beginning, but I am concerned that I would make it too complex and not workable from a game perspective.

So what I have done for now, and then I need to figure out, if I will change it later on, is still to implement differently for the three different slot types/levels.

  • Level 1 (Non-Coordinated Airport): If the airport has free slots then airlines are allowed to rent slots
  • Level 2 (Schedules Facilitated Airport): The airport decides if an airline is allowed to rent slots
  • Level 3 (Coordinated Airport): The allocation of slots are handled from season to season, so routes for those needs to be planned for a longer period in advance

A slot is a slot per day and not for a specific time slot.

To make it work correctly I have added the current levels for the correct airports.

To be able to see when the specific deadlines and seasons are I have implemented a calendar. The calendar will later contain more dates, maybe like holidays, but for now it is for the slot handling dates.


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