Update 45

It has been a very busy week yet again at my real work, but luckily the wife has decided wathcing Grey’s Anatomy, which means that I have some time in the evenings to get some coding done.

As I wrote last week I have implemented the new way of calculating the seatings, which I this week have given the final touch, so it is now working almost as intended. I am only missing some of the data updates, where I for a lot of the Boeings have added way too much seating area. That is a minor and easy thing to fix.

Since the seatings is now implemented I have also added all the existing airliner types, so it is now again possible to play with the Piper Jets etc. The reason why I have added all the types is that I have implemented the start data. The start data is the routes and airliners a CPU airline is starting the game with. This is the first step in implementing the AI.

While I tested the GUI after implementing the start data I noticed that it was possible to take action on a lot of the data for the CPU airlines. This I have also fixed, but there might still be some places where it is missing.

Lastly I hope to release a new pre alpha the coming week since I think there have been a lot of changes since the last one


5 thoughts on “Update 45

  1. Excuse me, I’m newbie on TAP PV v2. I’m using TAP from Beta 0.51 x64~

    I know that TAP v2 already out and, I really excited because I can play Better version of TAP.

    But, I played TAP v2 but, I can’t find update. How can I download the updates?

    I hope play better version of TAP. Thank you.

    * Thank you for making TAP and update every week. I really like your team’s games.


      1. I’m deeply grateful to you. I’m so happy to reply so fast.

        Can I ask one more?

        I join your transifex in Korea, I wrote over 300 words in TAP project.

        Does TAP translate in Transiflex work on V2?


    1. Then, How can I translation TAP V2 Eng to Korean?

      I really hope to join the translation. And, we have a lot of aircraft tycoon gamers. (over 20000 peoples finding a new online-airline-management game…..)

      Fast Reply Plz.


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