Update 44

First of all it seems like the prealpha release 2 didn’t have that many issues, so I have used the last week on doing some minor updates mainly on the base code. This has no effect for the users, but it helps me later on in the development. Else than that I have been very busy at my real work, so I have only been able to focus on one new major implementation which is seat width and pitch.


This is a switch from the old way of doing the things in version 1 where the seats had a specific size and the number of seats changed based on that size. Now we have an overall seating size which can be used for all of the classes and where the capacity is calculated based on that size and the pitch and width of the seats.

For next week I hope to start on the AI, so the game will be more realistic, and also to see if the code can handle it.


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