Update 43

After a difficult start for the release where I had hardcoded local paths into the game, we managed to get a version out. It seems like most people like the new interface, but there are still a lot of work to do.

I have of course fixed the reported bugs which were mainly related to not being able to start the game at all, and to a bug where it wasn’t possible to start the flights without the game crashing.

I have also tried to add some more realism into the game for the possible routes. This means that I have implemented the restrictions, so routes between specific countries aren’t allowed. To do this I also had to add unions, since most of the restrictions are between the EU and other countries.

For the first release you might have noticed that the countries weren’t working correct, and that countries like West Germany appears in 2016. I have implemented so we now get the proper countries shown in the correct time periods. I just need to update the data behind before it is 100% completed.

I am planning on releasing a new prealpha every week or two to get as much feedback as possible before a final release


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