Update 10


This last week I have been able to do a little more stuff than last week, and the next release is starting to look like something.

I have used some time trying to fix some of the automated bugs we got from the game.

I have also tried to optimize the way the major airlines buys/orders aircrafts, since we still got that fx. Delta Airlines orders a lot of beechcraft and aircrafts like that. Now it will look at the focus of the airline before deciding if it is going to use aircrafts from major manufacturer or not.

There have also been some time for some new features which have been requested in the forum.

On the page for showing your routes, it is now possible to see how you scores on the different parameters compared to your opponents.


It is now also possible to assign an aircraft to a route directly on the create route page. This is done, so it is easier to get a route up and running quickly. This feature might be expanded soon, so we have more options to select from when assigning the aircraft, like number of daily departures etc.


I have also gotten a little time in the last week to update some of the airport data sent from user.

Next Week

The week I will finally the next release, which hopefully will be done by the end of week next week, so we are pretty close to the next release.

One of the things I will try to implement in the next week, is a suggestion from an user regarding optimizing the saved game and removing some of the saved information.

I am also already thinking about what should be a part of the next release after the one for next week, so I can start planning if there will be some major changes.


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