Update 8


Since the last update we have released a fix pack which seems to have fixed most of the game crashing bugs, so now I have started focusing on adding new features as well as fixing some of the none-crashing bugs.

One of the none-crashing issues I have fixed is where an airline ended up with a home base not in its own country as well as it had route to/from the same airport.

I have also fixed so if you select a game with only international airports you will no longer get all airports no matter if it is international or domestic only.

New features added so far are the possibility of transfering a route from/to a subsidiary airline as well as showing demand based on the different classes.


This is also shown on the feedback for a route


I have also added the LCC tag for around 40 airlines.

Next Week

Most likely I will keep focusing on all the inputs we have recieved from the users of the game, but I haven’t made my mind up on what exactly I will implement yet.

The only thing I know for sure, is that I will keep updating the airport data, since an user has sent me a list of over 600 airports which should be updated.


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