Update 7


The latest version was released Tuesday (both on the forum and at sourceforge) and so far we have over 250 downloads. I got a lot of bugs reported, which I am currently trying to fix.

Some of the things I have fixed is an issue with loading of a saved game, where the human airline ended up with a random airline, and also an issue with creating a cargo route.

The current issue I am trying to fix, is an issue with the preloaded subsidiaries where sometimes an airline gets a wrong subsidiary which also makes the game crash.

As soon as I have fixed that and tested the other fixes, I will release a fix pack.

The only new feature is a faster way of assigning routes to an airliner so it can be done through a popup window instead of having to enter the routeplanner page.


Next week

I have recieved a lot of updates for the different airports from one of our users, so when I have some time I will try to update the data.

Else than that the next week will most likely be used for bug fixings and hopefully also be able to look at some of the inputs for improvements and new features

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